Consulting and Own Activities

Allied Management is a network and administration base for independent consultants with different native languages. This enables each professional of the group to offer a full range of international services.

Allied Management Ltd (滙基管理有限公司) was founded in the year 2000 in Hong Kong by a Chinese Constructor and Norberto Moreau.

Meanwhile independent representations in different countries like in UK, Germany, Spain, China and other Asian countries help to adapt and realize ideas in different languages as well as in the regional mentality.

With 70/30 always new challenges!
As Mr. Moreau comes from the Consulting branch he dedicates every year 30% of his activities to international Consulting. He likes to create common visions with young teams, to define them, to enjoy them passionately and to bring them relentlessly to perfection.

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Board of Directors
  • Y. Xiaotao (Director and founding-partner)
    Activities: Builder and Investor in Shenzhen.
  • N. Moreau (CEO, Director and founding-partner)
    Activities: Entrepreneur and Management Consultant

    • Before Consultant for Company Brokerage and Comercial Real Estate for 20 years in Germany and other parts of Europe.

    • Since 2000 exclusively Member of Supervisory Boards in IT Companies or Startups were Allied Management Ltd. held partnerships without taking on any managerial role.

    • Later Mr. Moreau turned the entrepreneurial vision of partners into reality by building innovative platforms covering Yachts, Events, Real Estate, Online Services.
  • L. Chung Ying (Secretary)
    Activities: Bookkeeping and Investment Controlling for the company as well as for the other investment-fonds, Hongkong.
Supervisory Board - Y. Xiaotao and N. Moreau

Share Capital - The Share Capital of the Company is HK$10.000 divided into 10.000 shares of HK$1 each.

Own Activities Consulting

Own Activities


Through the years several projects were established with partners beside the traditional Consulting activities.

The yachting magazine NauticWebNews played the main role on port cities for further activities like: yacht charter, commercial properties and corporate events.
For this purpose, additional web projects and social medias have been created.

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Yachting Magazine with relevant topics such as reports from fairs, corporate news of shipyards, yacht model presentations, city insider informations of ports, events at sea and land, lifestyle and much more.

  • more than 5000 articles, 40.000 photos, 1.200 videos
  • more than 1 million page views a year
  • Started 2010.
  • Main edition English.
  • in 7 languages English Spanish German French Italian Russian Chinese .
  • every edition has different content and a native administration
  • SocialMedia:
    Instagram - get only best topics with photos and videos.
    Twitter - get all latest posts.
    • Facebook - not frequently attended.
(updated 10/01/2018)


The magazine was launched 2010 by Mr. Moreau just to support the marketing of a yacht charter agency founded with friends on the Spanish coast. There was no business model planned, but the magazine became more successful as planned.

Later he added 4 more languages (French, Italian, Russian, Chinese) and gave the magazine a new focus. The journalistic orientation will also focus more on Europe-Asia, products and personalities. 

Magazine for Public Relation Management & Digital Management with articles based on in-house or online consulting experiences by Norberto Moreau (Management Consultant).
nauticwebMedia evolved from consulting and services such as online marketing, public relations and web services for companies in tourist-oriented Mediterranean port cities.

  • structure and layout new in June 2018
  • English as main language.
  • SocialMedia: Instagram Twitter
  • Started 2000.
(updated 06/02/2018)

Keywords used in the articles:

Algorithms, Altered Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Bioinformatics, Blockchain, Brand Building, Business Intelligence (BI), Chinese Market, Cognitive Processes, Crisis Management, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Dialog Creation, Digital Disruption, Digital Tools, eCommerce, Emerging Retail Payments, Executive Leadership, Facial Coding, Fraud Management, Influencer Marketing, Internet of Things (IoT), Investor Relations, Marketing, Organizational Structure, Performance Sabotage, PR Management, Public Relations, Rhetorical Power, Robotics, Staff Digital Development, Tech Motivation, Technology Architecture, Text Mining and Analytics, Toxic Employees, Virtual Agent, Web Applications, …

  • 2018 – new website structure by keywords for management consulting
  • 2017 – integration of M-webhost.com (Web- and Hosting Service), new logo and layout
  • 2014 – adding server administration and hosting services
  • 2011 – name change to nauticwebmedia for business consulting
  • 2005 – adding external clients (Yachting and Real-Estate Builders)
  • 2000 – running internal web marketing projects of Yachting, Real-Estate and for StartUps.

GUANXIeurope … to tie up China with Europe!
Magazine about the emerging Chinese and Asian Market.
Mr. Norberto Moreau said 2000 in Hong Kong in a speech at a yacht club to European business partners:
"If you want to make business or influence contacts in Asia, you better have good GUANXI!"
Nothing had changed until today, even new generations entered into management positions. More about in the magazine.
GUANXIeurope had a three years preparation period bringing Asian professionals together.

  • structure and layout new in June 2018
  • Main language is  English.
  • We also respond to requests in Chino-Mandarin.
  • SocialMedia: Twitter, Instagram.
  • Started 2015 as subscription page to create a network
(updated 06/02/2018)

Properties & Lifestyle on the Coast.
nauticPROPERTY is a mix of Magazine and Property Showroom for yachting contacts worldwide! As most of the negotiations related to investments in port cities are confidential, they are only displayed with an access code.

  • Structure and Layout is on change!
  • Articles of the magazine are in  English.
  • in 7 languages English Spanish German French Italian Russian Chinese .
  • SocialMedia: Twitter, Instagram.
  • Started 2013.
(updated 03/26/2018)



nauticPROPERTY was launched by Mr. Moreau as a logical step with having 20 years experience in selling investments, vacation residences and commercial real estate in South Germany, Lugano, Switzerland and more than 5 years consulting for spanish constructors.

CityInsider.XYZ as Influencer!
NauticWebNews readers and groups always asked:
Where to go in this city?
The answer was an online Reference Catalog, as we have great insider information through our activities on various port cities, at fairs and regattas.
More about Hotels, Restaurants, Activities, Shopping, Golf, Spa´s etc. in the catalogue.

  • Changes planned for 2019. Expanding to more countries.
  • in 7 languages English Spanish German French Italian Russian Chinese .
  • SocialMedia: Instagram Twitter
  • Started 2016.
(updated 07/26/2018)

Activities at Sea and Land on Port Cities!
CharterEventos offers NauticWebNews readers ideas for Business Incentives, Corporate Events and Coaching Seminars on the most impressive locations. Organized with a network of professionals related to yacht charter and event management.

  • Changes in 2019! (New charter application on work. Reduced fleet on the website.)
  • in 7 languages English Spanish German French Italian Russian Chinese .
  • Started 2009.
(updated 03/26/2018)

Yachts and Moorings Registration System, separated from the NauticWebNews magazine for safety reasons. But all registered yachts (charter and sale) are linked to magazines and websites.

  • Changes in 2019! (New charter application on work. Reduced fleet on the website.)
  • in 7 languages English Spanish German French Italian Russian Chinese .
  • Started 2010.
(updated 03/26/2018)

Get inspired by the best Thinkers!
Magazine publishes the most informative topics about Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Coaching and more….

  • Structure and Layout is on change!
  • Main language is  English.
  • Started 2004.
  • Average of 300,000 visitors a year.
(updated 03/26/2018)

Who is behind @norbertomoreau you know from Social Media?
Published finally on demand, because … there must be a personal page!

(updated 07/26/2018)

Allied Management is a network and administration base for independent consultants with different native languages. This enables each professional of the group to offer a full range of international services.
Allied Management Ltd (滙基管理有限公司) was founded in the year 2000 in Hong Kong by a Chinese Constructor and Norberto Moreau.

  • structure and layout new in June 2018
  • in 3 languages English Spanish German
  • SocialMedia: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.
  • corporate activity started in August 2000
(updated 06/02/2018)

or: all8m.com/amr
Allied Management Report is framing weekly / biweeky … Yachting Industry, Public Relation & Digital Management, Coastal Real Estate, East Asia & Chinese Market, Coastal Destinations … with their success and digital disruption.

  • Launch end of November 2018
  • in English English with sporadic publications in several other languages.
  • SocialMedia: LinkedIn
  • Started in November 2018
(updated 01/31/2019)

Social Media
Algorithms, laws (GDPR) and user habits have changed massively in 2017/18. Furthermore, we have intensified future activities between Europe and Asia since a couple of years.
As a result, many social media projects are adapted, deleted or redesigned.

*) Footnote

Layout & Structure:
most of our websites are renovated every two years to meet the latest programming standards. We also simplified the layout, because the adaptation to as many devices as possible is more important.
If you want to know more about, please ask our in-house department for an offer.


The Consulting workflow is coordinated by Norberto Moreau and assisted by partners or a network of native speakers.

Management Consulting TOPICs:

“Once you know something new,
its hard to imagine not to know it.”
(Norberto Moreau)
Digital Management
Selecting articles and services through keywords:

Algorithms put the science in computer science and set steps for a computer program to accomplish a task. They are changing always faster and became meanwhile a challenge for marketers.

Altered Reality
Altered Reality which includes Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) or Mixed Reality (MR) can be applied to many industries and their product presentation in shops or on fairs to reach consumer segments at home.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives giving us an augmentation of our human capabilities.

Big Data
Big Data means beside the storage of information the use of predictive analytics, user behavior analytics or certain other advanced data analytics methods that extract value from data.

Bioinformatics is nowadays a modern computational biology using algorithmic approaches and software tools for understanding biological data.

Blockchain solves the problem of manipulation with a network of nodes and is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

Business Intelligence (BI)
Business Intelligence (BI) comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information to support business decisions.

Cognitive Processes
Cognitive Processes describes the ability to quickly and effectively perform complex and challenging tasks based on existing knowledge. Neural connections in the brain perform this important task in today´s world.

Cybersecurity means to design and build secure systems to prevent vulnerabilities in current digital system design flows and the physical attacks to these systems.

Data Protection
Data Protection became a challenge for corporations to realize data privacy as laws and regulations change constantly.

Digital Disruption
Digital Disruption is the transformation through new digital technologies changing industries and business models.

Digital Tools
Digital Tools, SocialMedia etc. can help you the most to make businesses far more powerful and private life more sophisticated.

eCommerce international and in emerging markets. eCommerce B2C (business-to-consumer) defines a commerce transaction between a business or online retailers and their consumers. eCommerce B2B (business-to-business) channels are inherently more complex than traditional B2C ecommerce.

Executive Leadership
Executive Leadership is the ability to manage, direct, influence and guide employees in an organization to success.

Facial Coding
Facial Coding is used to identify facial expression using emotion-inspired artificial intelligence. It is basically known through face recognition on mobile phones and cam surveillance since years in China. Furthermore it provides insight into how people really feel, rather than how they say they feel.

Fraud Management
Fraud Management uses data analytics and machine learning to monitor payments and nonmonetary transactions.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data.

Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure defines hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communications, tasks, rights and duties are directed in an organization.

Performance Sabotage
Performance Sabotage through unprepared communications in meetings by employees as well as managers.

Robotics and autonomous systems will provide scientific, social and economic benefits through cutting-edge science, increased productivity and human safety.

Staff Digital Development
Staff Digital Development fosters now-a-day continual learning by providing innovative, high-quality programs, resources and services because of rapid advances in technology. Related to the Digital Disruption in process the Chance by Change has to be sold with a personal advantage.

Technology Architecture
Technology Architecture describes the infrastructure required to support applications, operations, and reporting requirements.

Toxic Employees
Toxic Employees not only cause harm, their negativity and toxicity spread like germs in the workplace.

Virtual Agent
Virtual Agents are bots providing automated services.

Web Applications
Web Applications are client–server programs on PC or Mobile devices delivering information to user interfaces for websites, shops, mails etc. using a web browser system. The client-side script (Html, JS, etc.) deals with the presentation of the information while the server-side script (PHP, Python, ASP, MySQL, etc) deals with all the hard stuff like storing and retrieving the information.

⚠ Each keyword will be soon linked to content!

“The innovation comes faster
than you can innovate yourself!”
(Norberto Moreau)
PR Management
Selecting articles and services through keywords:

Brand Building
Brand Building has now become an important factor in all businesses through Social Media. It should represent the values that can be permanently made available to customers and employees. Means people don't buy products or services, they buy relationships, stories and magic. As result business owners and managers have to engage clients in a way they never had to before.

Crisis Management
Crisis Management deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm a person, an organization or its stakeholders.

Data Protection
Data Protection became a challenge for corporations to realize data privacy as laws and regulations change constantly.

Dialog Creation
Dialog Creation starts use social media, blogs, reviews and content to not just share news or products, but to connect and to talk.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing with popular individuals engaging potential buyers and qualified audiences using social media.

Investor Relations
Investor Relations is a strategic two-way communication between the company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to a company's securities achieving high valuation. With the digital progress relevant media software for stakeholder communications have to be adapted.

Out of the generationXYZ the genY or the Millennials set to overtake older consumers known as Boomers as the biggest spenders. This will affect i.e. the luxury industries like the Real Estate or Yachting Industry where Corporations still design what is possible and not what is needed in an increasingly customer-centric market.

Public Relations
Public Relations and journalism have similarities in the work. It is divided to various types, the product public relations, financial public relations, corporate public relations, employee public relations and government public relations.

Rhetorical Power
Rhetorical Power skills open various non-conceptual domains of meanings. The technique of using language effectively, the art to persuade, influence or please, the demagogic manipulation, or the political discourse that pretends significance but lacks true meaning is an amazing journey through the world of the best speakers.

⚠ Each keyword will be soon linked to content!

“People don’t trust companies,
they trust people!”
(Norberto Moreau)
Asia Management
Selecting articles and services through keywords:

… to tie up Asia with Europe
… ⚠ … some content pending review!

Chinese Management Philosophy
Chinese tradition influences business leaders in China and other Asian countries. A frequent keyword used in conferences and chinese press media is "management philosophy". Going deeper in media research and online interviews with business contacts a mixup with western management theories can be seen. To be precise the chinese culture influences the management practice while western culture influences the task related management. Asian managers try to find a middle way and as a result western managers should do the same to be more effective.

Chinese Mandarin
Chinese Mandarin 中国普通话 (Zhōngguó pǔtōnghuà) is spoken by the most people. According to the British Council approximately 848 million speak Mandarin Chinese, 406 million Spanish, 335 million English and 260 million Hindi. Furthermore China is an economically important and high-growth market. Who are able to speak Mandarin Chinese will have the ability to do better business with a potentially very profitable part of the world. Question: you already started to learn Mandarin?

Confucianism is tradition, a philosophy, a rationalistic religion and a way of governing. It reflects many companies through laws against western marketing activities and should be studied by western managers. It is by the way the fundament of the present leader of China.

The leadership personality in Daoism can be seen as a water-like personality. Chinese business schools compare leader qualities with the elements of water. Knowing about wateristic leadership philosophy is essential for western managers.

Feng Shui 风水
Feng Shui (风水 - fēng shuǐ - lit: "wind-water" / trad. 風水) plays a very important role in Asians daily life. All capital cities of China by example followed the rules of Feng Shui related to their construction design and layout. The interior design, logotype, web design and more are sometimes important factors to close business deals. So its advisable to use this ancient technique Feng Shui to get more Asian clients while creating a harmonious business atmosphere.

Sinology is the academic study of Chinese history, language, culture to gain intercultural awareness and understanding of the country. The demand for specialists with advanced proficiency in the languages of this region has significantly increased in recent years.

Sunzi Leadership
The art of war and ethical challenges as basis for the art of negotiation with chinese managers.

“Want to make business or influence contacts in Asia?
So you better have good GUANXI!”
(Norberto Moreau)

These keywords are related to articles published in press media.

Each topic is profound elaborated and permanently updated by the author for

  • management consulting
  • keynotes and short speeches
  • online conferences
  • corporate seminars

and offered in EnglishEnglish, GermanGerman, SpanishSpanish.

Arrange an Online Talk… to ask for a timeframe!
“What gets consulted gets measured
and what gets measured can be sold!”
(Norberto Moreau)
Business Brokerage Consult
Professional and confidential intermediary for
  • Sale and Merger Processes
  • Business Shareholding
  • Franchising
  • Search for International Partners and Investors
Basis is discretion in all operations. No information will be provided to anyone prior the signature of the corresponding Confidentiality Agreement.

Our WORKFLOW for a successful closing presented by Norberto Moreau:
  • Documents
    Depending on the size of the company this package will contain: Licenses, permits, historical financial information, statistics, competition, market share, organizational structure, equipment leases, management contracts, service contracts, etc.
  • Business Value
    Value of businesses of considerable size, are based on the cap-rate which is derived from financial history, actual performance and future expectations. Small business values are mainly based on their financial adjusted cash flow. We analyze the business and suggest a realistic price and terms. For a larger business we recommend a third party valuation.
  • Target Clients
    Allied Management market the business not only to the local area. We work with a larger network of associate brokers throughout North Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and worldwide. We advertise and present the business to qualified potential purchasers. We interview buyers to eliminate those who are unable to purchase the business.
  • Confidentiality
    We can market businesses for sale without customers, competitors, employees or bankers knowing that it is for sale. No business name, street address or any other information will be provided until the prospective buyer has signed a confidentiality agreement. Further meetings we also schedule on other places during the negociation process.
  • Offers
    We encourage buyers to write a fair offer and present it to the seller. He may accept the offer as presented or he may structure a counter offer.
  • Financing
    With the sale of a business, the owner should seriously consider financing part of the sale. This will increase the chance of a successful sale, it may be helpful in obtaining a better price, and it also demonstrates high owner confidence in the business. Allied Management has excellent contacts for business financing available from "Investment Groups", "Equity Groups" and "Capital Markets".
  • Contracts
    We create a mutually acceptable agreement and it becomes a contingent purchase and sale agreement. All parties then sign the final agreement, the business is transferred and funds are distributed.
  • Fees
    … available on demand
  • Included Services
    Presentation Dossier and Executive Reports, Legal/Fiscal "First Opinion" Report, Estimation of Price, Strategic Analysis of the Operation, Selection of Potential Clients, Search for and Approach to Potential Clients, Candidate Selection, Confidentiality Letters, Talks and delivery of information, Negotiation of price and conditions, Letter of Intent (non-binding)
  • Optional Services
    Valuation Report, Accounting/Financial Documentary Preparation, Business Plan, Performance of due diligence review, Assistance (Juridical/Fiscal), Contingencies, Drawing up legal sale or purchase contract, Notary and Business Register services

All transactions we coordinated through the years were based on Discretion.

Prospective buyers generally have to sign a Confidentiality Agreement to get online access to details. First meetings we arrange on different places.

This also causes that customers, competitors, employees or bankers did not know that the business is for sale.

Arrange an Online Talk… to ask for a timeframe!

Management Consulting DONE:

How you want the service to be done?

'in-house' Consult
  • At the headquarters or an entity of the corporation.
  • Average contracts between 3 and 30 days.
  • Preferred location Europe and Asia.

More information on request!

'event location' Consult
… i.e. worldwide at fairs.
More information on request!
'online' Consult
… i.e. by VPN tunnels.
More information on request!
Arrange an Online Talk… to ask for a timeframe!

Allied Management Report

The Report is an umbrella publication combining articles of Allied Management Magazines and external Publishers.

Sections: Yachting Industry, Public Relation & Digital Management, Coastal Real Estate, East Asia & Chinese Market, Coastal Destinations …
framing success and digital disruption.

It covers official corporation news, company gossip, local information provided by state departments and more. The topic mixup will attract a wider audience like the industry as well as their prospective clients and will reduce the need of enslaved SocialMedia activity with a redirection to own publications.

The software is an in-house development administrated by mobile devices.
Every Monday 0 a.m. CET a new weekly edition will be auto generated.

🌐 all8m.com/amr
🌐 report.allied-management.net


Allied Management Ltd 滙基管理有限公司
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Contact Person:
Mr. Norberto Moreau (CEO, Co-Founder), Germany-Spain-UK.

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