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Our magazines are gateways to yachting, lifestyle, people, events and owners.

Online Projects:

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  • NauticWebNews – Yachting Magazine (since 2010, with 5000 articles)
  • CityInsiderXYZ – Guide for some port cities in Spain (since 2016)
  • CharterEventos – Incentives – events on land and sea.  (since 2009)
  • NauticWeb – Yachts for  Charter and Sale (since 2010)
  • nauticPROPERTY – Real Estate on port cities & Magazine (since 2013)

All 5 projects are in 7 languages – (🇬🇧🇪🇸🇩🇪🇫🇷🇮🇹🇷🇺🇨🇳) – Together 35 projects!


  • 1.2 million page views per year.
  • 200,000 unique visitors /year.
  • 21,000 followers on 17 Social Media accounts.

Ad Format:

We use 728 x 90 responsive, which is the most effective banner size format for all desktop and mobile devises.

Ad Injection:

Placed in 8000 existing pages +  in 5 to 20 new publications daily.

  • Startpage (1 Ad/page, rotating, inside the content)
  • All main topic pages (1-2  Ads/page, rotating, inside the content)
  • All journalistic articles (2 Ads/page, rotating, before and after content)
  • All yacht charter offers (2 Ads/page, rotating, before and after content)

Ad Click Targets:

  • Website (main website or deep linked)
  • Promotion Article in our magazine
  • PopUp Funnel with Email form or registration
  • PopUp Funnel with Shopping Card

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