Magazine for Public Relation Management & Digital Management with articles based on in-house or online consulting experiences by Norberto Moreau (Management Consultant).
nauticwebMedia evolved from consulting and services such as online marketing, public relations and web services for companies in tourist-oriented Mediterranean port cities.

  • structure and layout new in June 2018
  • English as main language.
  • SocialMedia: Instagram Twitter
  • Started 2000.
(updated 06/02/2018)

Keywords used in the articles:

Algorithms, Altered Reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Bioinformatics, Blockchain, Brand Building, Business Intelligence (BI), Chinese Market, Cognitive Processes, Crisis Management, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Dialog Creation, Digital Disruption, Digital Tools, eCommerce, Emerging Retail Payments, Executive Leadership, Facial Coding, Fraud Management, Influencer Marketing, Internet of Things (IoT), Investor Relations, Marketing, Organizational Structure, Performance Sabotage, PR Management, Public Relations, Rhetorical Power, Robotics, Staff Digital Development, Tech Motivation, Technology Architecture, Text Mining and Analytics, Toxic Employees, Virtual Agent, Web Applications, …

  • 2018 – new website structure by keywords for management consulting
  • 2017 – integration of (Web- and Hosting Service), new logo and layout
  • 2014 – adding server administration and hosting services
  • 2011 – name change to nauticwebmedia for business consulting
  • 2005 – adding external clients (Yachting and Real-Estate Builders)
  • 2000 – running internal web marketing projects of Yachting, Real-Estate and for StartUps.